Michael Christiani Havemann

Michael Christiani Havemann

Attorney-at-Law, Supreme Court
T: (+45) 3345 4042 M: (+45) 4030 2948 E: mch@advo.dk

Michael Christiani Havemann is chairman or member of the boards of a number of business companies. He advises these and other companies in business matters, government matters and dispute resolution, including, if necessary, the conduct of civil and arbitration proceedings. This also includes tax and company law matters, generational succession and testamentary dispositions.

Michael Christiani Havemann also advises on media law, press handling and libel and infringement cases for both businesses and private individuals, as well as intellectual property and exclusive rights.

Michael Christiani Havemann was for a number of years an external lecturer in media law and contract law at the University of Copenhagen. He currently gives courses on board work in unlisted companies.

  • General business law
  • Contract law
  • Company law
  • Tax law
  • Intellectual property / exclusive rights relationship
  • Media law
  • Procedure / dispute resolution
  • Admitted to the Supreme Court, 1995
  • Admitted to the High Court, 1990
  • Practising Certificate, 1988
  • Master of Law, University of Copenhagen, 1985