It all depends on eyes watching!

The skilled attorney does not only see the small print, but also what is not printed, 
just like he listens for what is not said.

Our logo with the ”not-printed” H reminds us about this.

We are energetic – We are uncomplicatede

… and we take pride in being at your service, when YOU need it

For us the good attorney is for his client what a pilot is for the ship’s captain: he assists and guides with the ship’s safe sailing, especially when it sails under unfamiliar conditions and in difficult waters.

We do not only see the challenges – We see the possibilities and solutions


We assist in various issues within Commercial Law and all private, financial issues.

We are among the smallest and the largest law offices. All attorneys have their strength within certain areas. When an issue includes other subject areas, you need to include assistance.

When relevant, we provide statements from the very best experts within their exact, relevant areas – and we are not – like other offices – obligated to choose assistance from one specific office.

Therefore, we are able to refer to and seek expert assistance widely – and can find exactly the right assistance – without being obligated to refer to specific persons with whom we have financial interests. It gives us substantial professional integrity.